Corporate Code of Conduct

This code of conduct serves as a guideline for the appropriate conduct at Neuhaus Neotec and as a moral compass in our daily work.

Human Rights / Forced Labour / Child Labour

We are committed to respecting international human rights within our sphere of influence and we reject all forms of forced labour and child labour in our companies and at our business partners.

Mutual Respect / Equal Treatment

We are committed to creating a working environment characterized by openness and mutual respect at all Neuhaus Neotec locations. Each of our employees is obliged to refrain from any kind of discrimination whatsoever (e.g. by harassment, bullying) in order to ensure a respectful cooperation based on partnership. Our managers have an open door policy: they are always available to our employees in the event of questions, suggestions, criticism or problems.

Health and Safety

Our aim is to create a safe and healthy working environment that meets or exceeds the relevant occupational health and safety standards. We strive to prevent workplace-related injuries and occupational diseases with appropriate measures. There are first responders in the company who have to be informed immediately in case of accidents and injuries. First-aid kits and fire extinguishers are placed at various points in the company the locations of which are known to every employee. NEUHAUS NEOTEC enables all employees to be trained as company first responders. In addition, we offer individual occupational health checks to our employees.

Employee Development / Training and Further Education

Neuhaus Neotec wants to set an example and take responsibility for the next generations. For this reason, we have been offering apprenticeships in industrial and commercial professions for many years. Our aim is to employ our own trainees after they have successfully completed their training, to give them the opportunity to start their careers and to bind them to the company on a long-term basis.

We consider the development of our employees to be an essential investment in the future of our company and in the safeguarding of jobs. In addition to the development of technical skills, we also attach great importance to the development of social and methodological skills. Annual appraisal interviews are an important instrument in our personnel policy.

Quality Assurance and Customer Satisfaction

Apart from our employees, customer satisfaction and a professional service are our top priorities. Priority of error avoidance over of error elimination, technical support and advice in close coordination with the customer and long-term customer and supplier relationships constitute our quality, product and customer-oriented objectives.

Our commitment to quality manifests itself, among other things, in the compliance with recognised certifications and standards. We are committed to maintaining an effective quality management system (according to DIN/ISO 9001) and to striving for continuous improvement (CIP).

Conflicts of Interest, Gifts and Attempts at Bribery

We undertake not to accept any gifts or benefits that could lead to a conflict of interest. In particular, neither bribes nor other illegal payments may be offered, made or accepted. We compete for orders on the basis of quality, customer benefit, performance of our products and services and reasonable prices. We support the fight against corruption and comply with applicable national and international laws. In general, our actions are based on established ethical and moral practices.

Protection of Personal Data

Personal data of our employees and business partners will only be used for the intended purpose and only for purposes which are necessary for our business and which comply with the law. Personal data is protected against unauthorized access and loss.

Environmental and Energy Policy

We acknowledge our role in society not only through socially responsible behaviour, but also by striving for sustainability in all our economic activities. To reach our environmental and energy-related goals, we purchase energy-efficient products and economize on raw materials, energy and water for saving resources and reducing the environmental impact. Our aim is not only to comply with legal obligations and requirements, but also to achieve continuous improvements within the realm of feasibility. We live up to our standards through regular external audits within the framework of the energy audit in accordance with DIN EN 16247.