• Roaster Series RFB

    The hot air roasters of the RFB series are the most energy-efficient roasting machines of their class and impress with their unique range of roasting profile options. Today, they are part of the standard equipment in many large roasting plants for various coffee products from specialty roasting to instant coffee production.

  • Roaster Series RG

    Developed from the successful RFB series, the RG has been designed for roasting of specialties in smaller capacity ranges of up to 1,500 kg/h.

  • Roaster Series NEOROAST

    The NEOROAST has been developed especially for small and medium-sized roasting plants, with its RFB chamber offering all the advantages of the larger variant. It enables the roasting master to design his roasting profiles with utmost flexibility. Traditional roasts can be produced as well as innovative flavour variations as fashion products for the new generation of coffee connoisseurs.

  • Roaster Series MAESTRO

    The drum roasters of the MAESTRO series offer the possibility of traditional roasting with state-of-the-art technology. The integration of some features from the RFB roasting technology additionally increases the spectrum of possible roasting profile curves

  • Roaster Series CTR II

    The drum roasters of NEUHAUS NEOTEC provide bespoke solutions for customers who have specialised in longer roasting times and traditional roasts.

  • Laboratory Roasters

    The electrically operated RFB laboratory roasters are identical to the large machines, they feature the same complete equipment such as the RFB roasting and cooling chamber, quenching function and PLC control with user interface. This makes them the ideal machine for developing recipes with small quantities of coffee and for fully exploiting the possibilities of RFB roasting before the recipes are scaled up for large plants.

  • Shop Roaster

    Shop roaster - For small-scale productions and specialties. The glazed floor-mounted roaster is an attraction in any roasting plant or coffee-oriented gastronomy! It is characterised by its high flexibility and simple operation which can be quickly learned.