• Bag Emptying Machine

    The bag emptying machine type SEM ensures fully automatic emptying of coffee bags made of jute, sisal and plastic as well as the separate discharge of the empty bags for disposal or downstream bale pressing.

  • Screening Machine Series PSM

    The high-capacity cleaning machine PSM provides an optimum screening effect for a wide range of impurities. Due to the rotational movement of the screening unit, high capacities are achieved with low space requirements. 

  • Metal Separator

    Metal separators are important machines in the coffee production process. In many cases, metallic foreign objects can already be found in the delivered raw material, but they can also get into the process due to insufficiently protected production facilities.

  • Colour Sorter

    Colour sorters are being used more and more in the roasted coffee industry as today's machines have reached a standard that makes possible an efficient cleaning of the coffee with a high rejection accuracy.

  • Destoner

    In the coffee industry, two types of destoners are used for separation foreign objects from the product flow by their specific weight - the air lift destoner and the dry destoner. NEUHAUS NEOTEC provides both systems according to the location and process step within the plant.