• Elevators

    NEUHAUS NEOTEC elevators are used wherever large quantities of green coffee have to be received in a short time and conveyed quickly and efficiently in a vertical direction.

  • Trough Chain Conveyors

    The trough chain conveyor is used as a high-volume conveying unit between the green coffee receiving hopper and the elevator, as an efficient horizontal conveyor between the individual units of a green coffee cleaning plant or for transport to the storage unit.

  • Tubular Chain Conveyor

    NEUHAUS NEOTEC offers tubular chain conveyor systems as a flexible mechanical conveying unit for all three spatial directions for small and medium quantities of whole beans and ground coffee.

  • Belt Conveyors

    Belt conveyors are used in different areas of coffee conveying owing to their versatile design. They serve both for the transport of green coffee bags and of green and roasted coffee in bulk and they are used with slope angles of up to 30° depending on the application.

  • Bucket Elevators

    Bucket elevators combine horizontal and vertical conveying for mechanical transport of green and roasted coffee. Our angular bucket elevators have proven themselves especially for the transport of products that are prone to breaking such as whole roasted coffee beans.

  • Pneumatic Conveying Units

    Pneumatic conveying is a well-established method for transporting coffee beans over long distances and with complicated routing to their destination.

  • Suction Conveying Units

    Suction conveying systems are used if only small conveying capacities are required, and in case of high demands on product purity when different types of coffee are transported, such as decaf or organic coffee.