• Grinder series WMS

    The grinders of this series are intended for small to medium capacities and are individually designed for the respective product, from pre-crushing for instant coffee production to fine grinding for the espresso and capsule sector.

  • Grinder series WMK

    The grinders type WMK are designed for large capacities and continuous operation. They are equipped with sectional drives, integrated compactors and feature a wide range of options.

  • Grinder series NEOGRIND

    Most advanced grinder for medium capacities and demanding specialty grinds. The newly designed coffee grinder NEOGRIND has been developed specifically for the high demands of filter coffee, pad/pod production (coffee capsules) and fine grinding.

  • Laboratory Grinder LWM

    When it comes to applications with high demands on the particle size distribution, the laboratory grinder LWM 100 is the optimum machine. The fast roll change resulting from the special roll suspension and the precise control via a PLC make this grinder the ideal machine for product development.

  • Compactors

    Compactors are an elementary component in the grinding of coffee when homogeneous bulk densities play a role in the final product packaging.
    Compactors can also significantly reduce the bulk volume for the further processing of the coffee skins separated during roasting, thus lowering logistics costs.